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Jean-Michel Jarre The Concert in China Arpegiator Arpegiateur (sheet music, partition)

Jean-Michel Jarre The Concert in China Arpegiator Arpegiateur (partition, Noten, sheet music)

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Jean-Michel Jarre

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French, born in Lyon on August 24, 1948. He is considered one of the ambassadors of electronic music in Europe, and one of the masters worldwide. He is the son of the prominent French soundtrack composer Maurice Jarre.

His popularity came in the 70s, with his electronic and experimental music. His macro-concerts went beyond music (special effects, light) and have gone down in history.

At the age of 5 he began in the world of music with piano lessons. He got into the world of jazz as a teenager and formed a rock group, called Mystere IV , in 1968. He began his first electro-acoustic experiments in 1971 with the release of the single La Cage .

His first great success was Oxygène (1977), which was placed at the top of the UK Equinoxe , published a year later and followed the same path as the previous one. The following year Jean Michel presents the first of a series of open-air macro-concerts at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, it was estimated that more than a million spectators could attend the event, thus entering the Guinness Book of Records.

In 1981 the album Les Chants Magnétiques (Magnetics Fields) took Jarre on a tour of China accompanied by his show. These live performances were reflected on the Concerts in China album was published in 1984 Zoolook , without reaching the success of its recent predecessors. Some time later he gives an extravagant live show in Houston to commemorate NASA’s silver anniversary; the event was attended by more than a million people and was broadcast on television.

Rendez-Vous is published a few weeks later, with another live show in his hometown. With the material collected in this concert and with the one made for NASA, Cities in Concert–Houston/Lyon was released on the market in 1987

In Revolutions, he is accompanied by the legendary guitarist Hank B. Marvin, to which in 1988, a year after Revolutions , his third live Lp Jarre Live would accompany him, achieving great sales.

1990 is the year of En Attendant Cousteau (Waiting for Cousteau), with whose life he manages to gather the largest capacity in history, with two and a half million people live in Paris on the day of the Storming of the Bastille.

The rest of the decade would be marked by sporadic appearances until 1997. This year he returned to the market with the album Oxygène 7-13 , renewing his musical concepts and preparing his new era that would continue in 2000 with the publication of Metamorphoses where they are already established. the bases of his new music.

2004 is the year of Aero , an album with its great songs re-recorded with new technologies and containing four new songs.

‘Oxymore’ will be called the new album by Jean-Michel Jarre

It will be number 22 of his long and brilliant career and is a tribute to Pierre Henry.

‘Oxymore’ will be called the new album by Jean-Michel Jarre. It will be number 22 in his long and brilliant career and is a tribute to Pierre Henry. The album will be available, starting 21 October , in both stereo and binaural sound. It will also have a VR called ‘Oxyville’.’ Brutalism’ will be his first single.

Pierre Henry, electronics pioneer and mentor to Jarre

‘s mentors Henry is an iconic figure in electronic and classical music, and one of Jarre at the Groupe de Recherche Musical (GRM) . Since her death in 2017, Henry ‘s widow has provided Jarre with some sketches of sound material that are intended to be used in this collaboration.

‘Oxymore’, a musical journey inspired by the “musique concrete”

In Jarre’s own words: “ ‘OXYMORE’ is a musical journey in which the sounds of Pierre Henry interact with Jarre’s new composition in a sonic game of mirrors, in which the creator of ‘Oxygene’ meets his inverted double in ‘Oxymore’. Opening a vortex that sucks the listener into an anachronistic swing in which the analog and the digital find a common playing field”.

In addition, the project is inspired by the French movement ” musique concrete” . Through this ‘Oxymore’, Jarre recovers this concept and reinvents it, with today’s tools.

Vinyl, digital, Binaural and Dolby Atmos version

The album has been conceived as an immersive work in one of the homes of concrete music, the innovation studios of ‘s “ Maison de la Radio et de la MusiqueRadio France in a multichannel and 3D binaural version.


For a more comprehensive list, see Jean-Michel Jarre discography.

1973 – Deserted Palace
1973 – Les Granges Brûlées
1976 – Oxygène
1978 – Équinoxe
1981 – Les Chants Magnétiques
1982 – Les Concerts en Chine
1983 – Musique pour Supermarché
1984 – Zoolook
1986 – Rendez-Vous
1988 – Revolutions
1990 – En attendant Cousteau
1993 – Chronologie
1997 – Oxygène 7–13
2000 – Métamorphoses
2001 – Interior Music
2002 – Sessions 2000
2003 – Geometry of Love
2007 – Téo & Téa
2007 – Oxygène: New Master Recording
2015 – Electronica 1: The Time Machine
2016 – Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise
2016 – Oxygène 3
2017 – Radiophonie Vol. 9
2018 – Equinoxe Infinity
2019 – Snapshots from EōN
2020 – Radiophonie Vol. 10
2021 – Amazônia
2022 – Radiophonie Vol. 12
2022 – Oxymore