Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea (sheet music)

Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea (sheet music, Noten)

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Chris Rea

Christopher Anton Rea is an English singer and songwriter, born on March 4, 1951 in Middlesbrough, England.

Discarded at the beginning of his career the stage name ‘Benny Santini’ (title of his first album), he finally adopted the well-known name Chris Rea. A prolific and free author, at different times in his career different record companies tried to sign him, but the freedom of a small company like the one he was composing for was more than the possible income. From his extensive musical career, the commercial hits Fool (if you think it’s over), On the beach, Josephine, Looking for the summer, Julia, Auberge, Road to hell, among others, stand out.

In 2002, after overcoming serious cancer (the chances of surviving were 50%), his music returned to its jazz-blues roots.

After the European tour in 2006 and the release of his set ‘Blue Guitar’, a magnum opus composed of 11 thematic CDs and designed by the artist himself, his career under the name Chris Rea gives way to ‘The Fire Flies’, his new band.