Led Zeppelin (sheet music in the #smlpdf)

Led Zeppelin (sheet music in the #smlpdf)

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sheet music Led Zeppelin

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Led Zeppelin (short bio)

Emerging in the late 60s in the United Kingdom, the influence of the group Led Zeppelin is incalculable in the history of rock.
His music transcends any label, incorporating into his hard rock base and his texts of mystical or mythological influence heterogeneous sounds that were inspired by blues, British folk or funk .

The group derives from the band The Yardbirds.

When they decided to separate at the end of the 1960s, two of its members, Jimmy Page and Chris Deja, continued with the project in the summer of 1968 under the name The New Yardbirds.

Jimmy Page (born January 9, 1944 in Heston, Middlesex) had been a prestigious session musician before joining the Yardbirds to replace Paul Samwell-Smith , participating in albums by numerous groups and solo artists, including the Who , Dave Berry , Herman’s Hermits , Donovan or the Kinks.

In several of these recordings he had met the bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones (born January 3, 1946 in London), another experienced session musician and excellent arranger with whom he had played on the song “Hurdy Gurdy Man”, a Donovan’s song which also featured John Bonham (born May 31, 1947, in Redditch) on drums.

When Dreja left the New Yardbirds project to dedicate himself professionally to photography, Page immediately thought of Jones to form a new band, adding a singer and a drummer to the duo.

The desired singers were Terry Reid member BJ Wilson or Procol Harum .
They both rejected the offer, but Reid recommended a young, unknown vocalist called Robert Plant (born 20 August 1948 in West Bromwich), who had sung in a band called Hobbstweedle.

Plant was, like Page, a great lover of blues, but he also had a predilection for the sounds of the West Coast of the United States, his favorite groups being Love and Moby Grape .

The fourth member of the New Yardbirds was the aforementioned Bonham, his former partner in “Hurdy Gurdy Man” who had played in bands such as Crawling King Snakes or Band of Joy , and who was also a close friend of Plant.

The quartet, represented by Peter Grant, made their live debut in September 1968 , when they performed, due to previous contractual obligations, in the Danish city of Copenhagen .

When they returned to England, Page decided to adopt the name Led Zeppelin, remembering a phrase by Keith Moon, when he was planning to leave the Who and faced with the possibility of forming a supergroup with Page, Jeff Beck , John Paul Jones, Nicky Hopkins and Moon himself, a quintet that had recorded the instrumental “Beck’s Bolero”, defined the band’s destiny with the sensation of riding a lead balloon .

After performing successfully in British clubs and touring to massive audiences across the United States with Vanilla Fudge , the group released “Led Zeppelin” (1969) on Atlantic , an extraordinary debut LP recorded in thirty days and produced and arranged by Jimmy Page, a fact that he would repeat on all the band’s albums.

His powerful, epic sample of blues rock, folk, psychedelia and hard rock conquered the audience thanks to songs such as “Communication Breakdown” , “Dazed And Confused” song , a cover of a Jake Holmes , “Good Times Bad Times” or “ Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You . ”

“Led Zeppelin II” (1969) outsold their first LP, reaching number 1 in the United States and Great Britain with songs like “Whole Lotta Love” , “Heartbreaker”, “Thank You” and “Ramble On”. .

With this album, Plant’s vocality, Page’s riffs and guitar inventiveness, and Jones and Plant’s powerful rhythm section became a basic mirror for a multitude of groups that emerged in their wake.

In “Led Zeppelin III” (1970) , an album with classic cuts like “Immigrant Song” or “Since I’ve Been Loving You” , the band focused more on its folk roots .
The album once again managed to climb to the top of the best sales charts in the world, as did all the LPs of his career.

At the same time, their ‘rock star’ attitudes and their sweaty, crowded concerts increased their legend as indomitable rock stars.

Although almost any Led Zeppelin album is essential (especially until 1975), “Led Zeppelin IV” (1971) is one of their most important works and one of those that best exposes their communion between hard rock, folk and blues.

The album includes some of their best-known songs, such as “Black Dog”, “Misty Mountain Hop” , “Rock and Roll” or “Stairway To Heaven” .

“Houses Of The Holy” (1973) demonstrated the eclectic capacity of its authors with traces of funk and reggae, broadening its traditional sound.

The LP confirmed them, along with the Rolling Stones , as the most important rock band on the planet in the 70s. After this LP, the group founded the Swan Song record label .

“Physical Graffiti” (1975) was his debut in his own company, a more adventurous and experimental double album than other works that included songs like “Kashmir” , “Custard Pie” or “Trampled Under Foot”.

This masterful work once again showed both their exceptional quality as instrumentalists and their compositional diversity and search for new sound spectrums without losing their well-known references.

There was violent behavior in hotels and wild relationships with groupies, which were censored in several countries.

Even Eva Von Zeppelin, the descendant of Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, banned the group from performing in Denmark as Led Zeppelin, since according to her, the group of young musicians were nothing more than “screaming monkeys . ” They performed under the name The Nods.

On August 4, 1975, Robert Plant and his wife Maureen Wilson, whom he had married in 1969, suffered a serious car accident while on vacation on the Island of Rhodes.

This accident caused the discontinuation of the band’s tours, which filled all the venues they attended.

Among them, Madison Square Garden, a performance held in the summer of 1973 that would appear on an album under the name “The Songs Remains The Same” (1976) and in a film of the same name.

The same year in which this live album appeared, they also published “Presence” (1976), an album inferior to their previous works that included epic and progressive treatment in many of their compositions, among them, “Achilles Las Stand” or “Nobody’s “Fault But Mine”.

In 1977, Karac, Robert Plant’s six-year-old son, died of a stomach infection.

This unfortunate event plunged the blonde singer into a deep and long depression and kept the group away from the stage for a long time.

After this unstable period, Led Zeppelin returned to live performances and also to the recording studio, publishing “In Through The Out Door” (1979), a diverse LP that became the band’s last studio work.

The album, which featured pop sounds and the use of synthesizers, includes the catchy AOR ballad “All My Love” and the rocking opening “In The Evening”, where the great Jimmy Page, a key figure in the history of the guitar rock, he once again left us another masterful riff for his huge collection.

Jimmy Page’s home, located next to Loch Ness , was the famous Boleskine mansion, a building that had been owned by the occultist Aleister Crowley , an enigmatic figure who had always attracted the famous guitarist, not in vain Page decided to call the label the band “Swang Song” after Crowley’s self-titled nickname, Paramahansa, which means “divine swan . ”

On September 25, 1980, John Bonham died drowning in his own vomit at Page’s house after a strong drunkenness. He was 32 years old.
He was cremated.

Bonham’s disappearance caused the definitive dissolution of the band, which posthumously published “Coda” (1982) , an album composed of archival material in which “Poor Tom”, “We’re Gonna Groove” and “I “Can’t Quit You Baby . ”

After the breakup, Page and Plant were about to join the members of the group Yes , Alan White and Chris Squire , to form super band the

Jimmy Page formed the group The Firm in the mid-80s , which also included the singer of Free and Bad Company, Paul Rodgers , and the drummer of Uriah Heep, Chris Slade. This adventure only lasted until 1986.

They recorded the albums “The Firm” (1985) and “Mean Business” (1986).

For his part, Robert Plant made his solo debut with “Pictures At Eleven” (1983) , an album that featured the collaboration of Phil Collins on drums and guitarist Robbie Blunt, with whom Plant formed the group The Honeydrippers, in which Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck also ended up collaborating.

Other Plant solo albums are:
“The Principle Of Moments” (1983)
“Shaken ‘n’ Stirred” (1985)
“Now and Zen” (1988)
“Manic Nirvana” (1990)
“Fate Of Nations” (1993)
“Dreamland” (2002)
“Mighty ReArranger” (2005)
“Band Of Joy” (2010)
“Lullaby And… The Ceaseless Roar” (2014)
“Carry Fire” (2017)

In 1995 Led Zeppelin were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

John Paul Jones resumed his role as arranger and producer until publishing his first solo LP in 1999, “Zooma” (1999) . appeared Years later “The Thunderthief” (2001) .

Subsequently, and alternating numerous projects, the various members of Led Zeppelin met again on various occasions, recording Page & Plant albums such as “No Quarter” (1994) or “Walking Into Clarksdale” (1998) , works without excessive relevance in their discography. .

Led Zeppelin’s fundamental legacy was expanded with compilations and live shows throughout the following decades after their dissolution, such as the compilation “Remasters” (1990) or the live shows “BBC Sessions” (1997) or “How The West Was Won ” (2003) .

In 2007, Page, Plant and Jones, accompanied by John Bonham’s son Jason, reunited to perform live in November rebranding themselves as Led Zeppelin.

After learning about this meeting, Jimmy Page himself, the group’s main composer, did not rule out the band recording new songs again.

In 2016, his song “Whole Lotta Love” was included in the “Air Guitar Anthems” compilation.

In 2017, “Immigrant Song” was played on the soundtrack of the film “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017).

In 2018, the vinyl single “Rock and Roll/Friends” was published with slight variations of the original songs.

In 2019, the Argentine label Garra Records released “Greatest Hits” (2019), a vinyl compilation with nine of their best-known songs that opens with “Whole Lotta Love.”

In 2020, Robert Plant collected songs from his solo career in “Digging Dip – Subterranea” (2020) .

With Alison Karus In 2021, Plant recorded the album “Raise The Roof” (2021).


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Led Zeppelin II (1969)
Led Zeppelin III (1970)
Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
Houses Of The Holy (1973)
Physical Graffiti (1975)

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