Essential Film Themes 4

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Essential Film Themes Vol. 4

sheet music pdf Essential Film Themes Vol. 4

10 years of the very best film themes.

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Essential Film Themes 4 is an exceptional collection of modern day movie themes arranged for Solo Piano. Includes music selected from outstanding movies such as The Queen, Volver, Perfume and Marie Antoinette .


Babel (Santoalalla, Gustavo)
Black Book (Dudley, Anne)
Breaking And Entering (Yared, Gabriel) (Underworld)
Charlotte’s Web (Elfman, Danny)
Flags Of Our Fathers (Eastwood, Clint)
Freedom Writers (Isham, Mark)
Infamous (Portman, Rachel)
Little Miss Sunshine (Danna, Mychael)
Marie Antoinette (O’halloran, Dustin)
Miss Potter (Westlake, Nigel)
Notes On A Scandal (Glass, Philip)
Pan’s Labyrinth (Navarette, Javier)
Perfume (Tykwer, Tom) (Klimek, Johnny) (Heil, Reinhold)
The Devil Wears Prada (Shapiro, Theodore)
The Fountain (Mansell, Clint)
The Holiday (Zimmer, Hans)
The Last King Of Scotland (Heffes, Alex)
The Queen (Desplat, Alexandre)
The Science Of Sleep (Bernard, Jean-michel)
Volver (Iglesias, Alberto)
World Trade Center (Armstrong, Craig)

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