Jazz Chords basic guide (Lead Sheet Chord Symbols)

Lead Sheet Jazz Chords Symbols:

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Jazz Chords Symbol Description – Chord Quality

Chord with just a “7” Dominant 7th “C7”
Chord with capitalized “M” Major 7th “CM”, “CM7”
Chord with lowercase “m” Minor 7th “Cm”, “Cm7”
Chord with a dash Minor 7th “C-“, “C-7”
Chord with a triangle Major 7th “C△”
Chord with a circle Diminished 7th “C°”
Chord with a circle with a line through it Half-Diminished “Cø”
Chord with a plus Augmented Chord “C+”
Chord with a “dim” Diminished Chord “Cdim”
Chord with a “sus” Suspended Chord “Csus”, “Csus4”
Chord with m7♭5 Half-Diminished “Cm7♭5”
Chord with extra numbers Dominant with extensions “C7♭9”, “C7♯11”, “C7♭9♭13”
Chord with “alt” Altered Chord “Calt”, “C7alt”
Chord with numbers larger than 7 Dominant chord with natural extensions “C9”, “C11”, “C13”
Chord with numbers smaller than 7 Major chord with extra notes “C6”, “C2”, “C4”
Chord with a forward slash Slash chord “D/C”, “Bb/F” (different bass note)

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Many of these symbols mean the same thing. It’s up to the composer or the publisher to determine which symbol they prefer to use.

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Short advice on how to use the Lead Sheets correctly:

  • NEVER play them exactly as written!!!
  • ALWAYS LISTEN to the recording
  • Harmonize/Embellish the melody as necessary (see second video below for a demonstration)
  • Substitute/Alter the chords as necessary (Reharmonize)
  • Add Chord Voicings as necessary
  • Add Vamps/Riffs/Ostinati as necessary
  • Be mindful of errors