Solari – Easy Piano Solo arr. sheet music, Noten, partitura, partition 楽譜#smlpdf

Solari by R. Sakamoto – Easy Piano Solo arr. sheet music, Noten, partitura, 楽譜 partition #smlpdf

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Sakamoto Async – Remodels album

Async – Remodels (stylized in all caps) is an album of “reconstructions” of tracks from Japanese producer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s nineteenth solo studio album async (2017). The album includes eleven reworks (twelve on the Japanese release) by producers such as Jóhann Jóhannsson, Fennesz, Cornelius, Oneohtrix Point Never, Electric Youth, and Arca. Released in Japan in December 2017 by Commmons and in February 2018 in other countries by Milan Records, Async – Remodels garnered generally positive critical reviews and peaked at number 15 on the Billboard American Top Classical Albums chart.

In terms of the producers that contributed remixes to Async – Remodels, Electric Youth, Motion Graphics, and S U R V I V E were suggested by the label Milan Records.

Some of them were musicians Sakamoto was a fan of for a long time, including Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca, Yves Tumor, and Andy Stott.

Other contributors included friends and previous collaborators with Sakamoto, including Alva Noto, Fennesz, Jóhann Jóhannsson, and Cornelius.

Jóhannsson’s reworking of “solari” was done as part of a “remix exchange” where Sakamoto also contributed a remix of one of Jóhannsson’s songs for a remix album Jóhannsson was also working on. Arca and Yves Tumor also added their own vocals to their respective remixes.

The tracks on Async – Remodels aren’t remixes per se but rather “reconstructions” of music from async (2017) with only some parts sampled from the album.

Some of the tracks, such as the remixes of “andata” by Electric Youth and Oneohtrix Point Never, make rhythmic versions out of the otherwise arrhythmic source material and also exaggerate certain melodies from it.

Oneohtrix Point Never’s remix is a calmer version of the original track, mainly driven by a piano performing the melody with synthesized plucks and, in the track’s most intense moment, buzzing sounds surrounding it. S

akamoto described Electric Youth’s Italo disco remix of “andata” as similar to his work with Yellow Magic Orchestra. Yves Tumor’s remix of “ZURE” adds saxophone, a slow drum beat, a vocal line, and whisper sounds to the piece’s instrumentation.

Other cuts, such as the Alva Noto remodel of “disintegration,” Fennesz’s “solari” rework, and Arca’s reconstruction of the original album’s title track, sound like completely new tracks from the musicians rather than remixes.

In fact, when Sakamoto received Arca’s remix, “at first I was wondering if I had been sent the wrong track.” Fennesz’s remix puts the melody of “solari” through a distorted atmosphere, and Alva Noto’s reworking of “disintegration” “dilat[es]” the original track’s piano plucks “to explore the chilly atmospheres between each note,” wrote Andy Beta.[16] More mellow than the original piece, Arca’s rework depicts a loop of her singing the phrase “I peel my skin off for you” in Japanese.

AllMusic journalist Paul Simpson described it as an “operatic epic filled with steely, trudging beats that sound like a knight in a broken suit of armor crawling across the ground, but never giving up the fight.”

Few tracks maintain most of the structure of the songs being remixed, including Motion Graphic’s “fullmoon” remix.