Charles Mingus & Eric Dolphy, Palais des Congrès de Liège, Belgium, April 19th, 1964

Charles Mingus & Eric Dolphy, Palais des Congrès de Liège, Belgium, April 19th, 1964 (Colorized)

Watch a brand new colorized version of this iconic performance filmed in Liège, Belgium.

There is something enrapturing about black and white film and photography, in that it helps underscore a piece of media’s antiquity. Color, however, allows an opportunity to understand the visual nuances hidden in black and white images, and this newly colorized version of Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy in Paris offers a snapshot moment during the renaissance of jazz. It’s a perfect gateway into post-bop jazz for those who have struggled to absorb it. The band descends in and out of tasteful chaos with a natural grace.

The soul of the performance is Mingus on the contrabass, who plays with so much warmth and fury that it rounds off the rough edges. Dolphy variously plays alto sax, flute and bass clarinet, cutting through the delightful cacophony with a unique tone and style that makes his horns sing like a siren. Dannie Richmond plays drums, John Arthur “Jaki” Byard bangs on the piano and Clifford Jordan blows on his tenor sax, each playing with an equally compelling manner that makes this performance a must watch for any jazz lover.

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Track List:

Farewell Eric Dolphy aka So long, Eric 00:45 Carlye Goodbye aka Peggy’s Blue Skylight 05:36 Meditations 11:29


Charles Mingus (contrabass), Eric Dolphy (alto sax, bass clarinet, flute) Clifford Jordan (tenor sax), John Artur Byard Jr (piano) Charles Dannie Richmond (drums).

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